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POS Machine now in Tanzania

pos terminal

Last year Nordic Computer in Tanzania made another strategic decision to move into the POS market – Point of Sales.

POS is used widely all over Tanzania and Zanzibar, both with fixed touch terminals and handheld devices prepared for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, small shops in general and much more. There are many POS solution in Tanzania, some of them ‘freeware’, some of them developed by System Integrators and some only deals with either the hardware part or the software part of POS.

As Distributor, Nordic has chosen a total solution from ZKteco, which includes state of the art hardware and a completely free POS software solution, pre-installed on our hardware. Besides the terminal, we have chosen also to stock cash drawer, printers, finger printer sensor, card reader and both wired and wireless scanners.

At Nordic you can get this directly from our warehouse in Dar es Salaam.

Our POS provides real-time inventory, easy customer management and brings in a seamless shopping experience.

If you have questions or desire a demo, please get in contact our office