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Wall Mount And Floor Standing Cabinets Now In Stock

We now have Wall mount and Floor standing cabinets in stock.
Wall Mount Cabinet – 450mm Deep Available in stock
  • 6U 600*450*368mm (W,D,H)
  • 9U 600*450*501mm(W,D,H)
Wall Mount Cabinet – 600mm Deep Available in stock
  • 12U 600*600*635mm, (W, D, H)
  • 15U 600*600*769mm, (W, D, H)
  • 18U 600*600*901mm, (W, D, H)
  • 22U 600*600*1080mm, (W, D, H)
Floor Standing Cabinets – Available in stock
Buy a floor standing and get a free PDU
  • 22U 600*600mm(W,D,H) 
  • 27U 600*1000mm(W,D,H) 
  • 32U 600*1000mm(W,D,H) 
  • 42U 600*1000mm(W,D,H) 
  • 42U 800*1000mm(W,D,H)

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